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Car Remote Service

Searching for a fast, affordable way to purchase a car remote in the Greenville, SC region?

Key Pros can program car key remotes and fobs for any make or model vehicle.

Here’s one of the programmers you’ll see us use to make your new car key remote or fob. This one is controlled by an Android phone.

At Key Pros our auto locksmith team is here to provide you with fast, mobile service for all your car remote needs. We have the skills and experience needed to program new car remotes, repair damaged remotes, and create new remote head keys for virtually any type of vehicle.

Hassle-Free Car Remote Replacement

You count on your car remote or key fob every day, and that’s why you can’t afford to waste your time scheduling an appointment at your dealership when you need a spare car remote made, a new set of remote head keys, or repairs to your remote. Our mobile auto locksmith service in is designed to fit your life and your schedule. We’ll come to your home or office, supply you with a brand new key fob or remote head key, and complete the key fob programming all within one easy appointment.

Mobile Key Fob Battery Replacement

Have you noticed that your car remote doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to? Are you having to hit the buttons multiple times or stand really close to your car in order to make your car remote work?

Before you run out and buy a new car remote, give us a call here at Key Pros, LLC. There’s a good chance that you might just need a new battery installed in your car remote or key fob to get it up and running again. Our auto locksmith can test your car fob battery on the spot, and if it’s worn out, we’ll complete your key fob battery replacement on the spot, saving you the time and hassle of trying to track down a new battery yourself.

Remote Head Key Repair

If you have car keys with integrated buttons that operate your alarm system and door locks, you know how frustrating it can be when those buttons stop working. Sure, you can still open your door the old-fashioned way, but do you really want to be struggling to fit your keys inside a lock late at night in some dark parking lot?

Here at Key Pros, our auto locksmith has the tools and experience needed to quickly diagnose and repair problems with your remote head keys, no matter what age, make, or model of vehicle you drive. Better yet, our prices are much lower than what you’d pay at your local dealership, and we offer fast service even late at night and on the weekends.

24/7 Car Remote Service in Greenville, SC

Call our auto locksmith experts here at Key Pros, LLC when you need new car remotes, key fob programming and battery replacement, and more. We’re listed in the Fair Trade Locksmith Directory and we’re active members of 1800-Unlocks, a legitimate locksmith directory association – we’re the featured local Greenville locksmith.

Key Pros is here for you 24/7 when you need locksmith services in the Greenville, SC region.

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